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Our Policies

When booking a trip with and/or traveling with Timi’s Tours, each guest agrees to the terms of this policy and to follow it at all times.
This policy is subject to change at any time. Timi's Tours acts solely in the capacity of an agent on behalf of its tour patrons in  arranging for transportation, lodging, sightseeing, and other services and, as such, is not responsible for damage, loss, delay, injury or accident from any act or default on the part of any business or person engaged in providing transportation, lodging, sightseeing, dining, entertainment, or any other services that are part of any tour. We cannot be responsible for the loss of or damage to baggage, or personal property. The right is reserved to decline to accept or to retain any person as a member of any tour or to cancel or alter any tour if circumstances require it.

The shows, attractions, and trips listed on our itineraries are the ones for which we currently hold reservations. However, changes may occur, including but not limited to those due to non-participation, cancellation by performer's availability, and any other event including but not limited to natural disasters, civil unrest, acts of violence, terrorist attacks, health crises/pandemics, National and/or State Emergencies, etc., changes of which we have no control over.

Passengers will be notified of departure times by letter for day trips before the trip departs and, for multiple day trips, by letter, approx. 3 to 4 weeks before the trip with their departure times and details. If you sign up less than 2 weeks prior to a trip leaving, your pickup point may be limited. Please let us know your pickup point when you sign up for a trip.

Specify if you're traveling with a friend/companion. If you are late for your pickup, you may drive to the nearest pickup location and board the motorcoach. Unfortunately, "No Shows" will NOT be granted a refund for any portion of the tour. Please be at your pickup point at least 15 minutes prior to departure time. For all trips we will offer a pickup point in Decatur, Springfield and other selected towns along the travel route determined by Timi's Tours.

Cancellations & Refunds
Cancellation for any reason within 75 days of a trip for domestic travel via motorcoach, 120 days of a trip for domestic travel that includes any airfare/flying, or 180 days of an international trip, including the duration of the trip, is NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellation must be made in writing, postmarked at least 75, 120, or 180 days (whichever applies) prior to departure, and you must receive confirmation from Timi’s  Tours that your cancellation has been accepted. Traveler is responsible to fill their vacancy or forfeit their monies.  There are some trips that have special policies over and above this and they will not be awarded a full refund due to pre-trip expenses. Cancellations prior to the 75, 120, or 180 days, whichever applies, can take up to four (4) months to process.  There will be a 4% processing fee assessed against any refund.  Should the traveler wish to hold the refund as a trip credit to be used at a later date with  Timi’s  Tours, the 4% fee will be waived and the trip credit will not expire once held.  When a trip is rescheduled by  Timi’s  Tours due to unforeseen   circumstances,  Traveler may choose to maintain rescheduled reservation or to receive trip credit. In the event that you do not want to travel in certain weather conditions, natural disasters, or any other reason, but we do not cancel the trip, you may choose not to go but unfortunately due to cost, we will not be able to refund your money. In the rare event that we cancel a trip due to reasons beyond our control, it is our policy to attempt to reschedule or postpone that trip. If rescheduling is not possible, in some but not all instances we may, at our discretion, offer trip credit in the amount you paid to be used towards future travel with us.

Adverse Conditions: Timi’s Tours has no control over Acts of God, such as unfavorable or harsh weather conditions, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. Other conditions we have no control over include but are not limited to civil unrest, acts of violence, terrorist attacks, health crises/pandemics, National and/or State Emergencies, etc. If such conditions arise before departure the decision to cancel or delay departure may be made. If en route to or from an attraction or event, or during a trip, adverse conditions occur, Timi’s Tours also reserves the right to alter a trip’s itinerary. Depending on the applicable circumstance, Timi’s Tours will work closely with State DOT agencies, USDOT, industry professionals, local Law Enforcement officials, the CDC, and/or the Federal Transit Administration where applicable.  Official orders from applicable authorities will be obeyed. Even without official orders, if the circumstances merit, Timi’s Tours has the right to reroute, stop, or terminate en route.

Payments & Gratuities
For one day trips, the total payment is due to reserve your booking. For multi-day trips where a payment plan is available, a deposit is required to hold your spot and payments must be made on time in keeping with the payment plan unless otherwise specified. We reserve the right to change our payment plans at any time and it’s at our sole discretion what amounts are due and when. There will be a $20 charge on all returned checks for any reason.

Gratuities: If you feel your driver and tour director have done an excellent job, it is appropriate to tip them. We suggest a minimum of $5 per person per day for each the driver and the tour director.

Reward Cards
The Timi's Tours Reward Card can’t be transferred to others, duplicated, or copied. Only one reward card may be used per person, per trip. The reward card is a free card any traveler may use. For every day you travel with us, you get one stamp on your card. Once you have 10 stamps, you can redeem your card for $35 off any trip! For example, you can get one stamp for each day trip you take or 10 stamps for a 10-day trip. Once you redeem your reward card, you must forfeit said card and if you wish, you may start a new one.

Gift Cards
You must notify Timi's Tours you wish to use a gift card when you book a trip (purchase point). Gift cards are non-refundable and may not be used towards travel insurance premiums. Other restrictions may apply. 



  • Multi-Day Motorcoach Trips that Do Not Include Airfare:

    Each passenger is allowed one large suitcase. Each passenger is also allowed a personal item such as a purse and carry-on bag (restrictions apply and must be of a reasonable size to allow space for all guests).


  • One-Day Motorcoach Trips:

    Each passenger is allowed a personal item such as a purse and, if needed, a carry-on bag (restrictions apply and must be of a reasonable size to allow space for all guests).


  • Trips that Include Airfare:

    To accommodate the unique luggage needs of each passenger, luggage fees charged by airlines are NOT included in the price of your trip (unless otherwise stated) and will vary based on the airline's policies, fees, restrictions, etc., which are beyond Timi's Tours control.


  •  Additional Information:
    The policy for trips that include airfare also applies to trips that include any other vessel of travel besides our motorcoaches, i.e. a cruise ship, riverboat, trains, etc. In general, baggage policies vary only on trips that use modes of transportation not independently owned by our company.


  • Shopping & Purchases:

     Timi's Tours will make every effort to accommodate space in the luggage bays of our motorcoaches for purchases made by our guests while on our trips, especially for one day shopping trips. For trips that require significant luggage to be stored in our luggage bays, space for purchases may be limited. We make no guarantees as to how much space will be available to store your purchases, and have the right to limit large or bulky items. We encourage you to plan ahead and allow for extra space in your luggage to bring purchases home with you, especially for trips involving flights and weight restrictions on luggage.




  • Health of Passengers:

     The health and safety of our clients and staff is of the upmost importance to us. The following applies for all Timi’s Tours trips. If a passenger has any underlying health risks, or they are currently experiencing illness, we recommend you consult your physician and determine your fitness for travel. For the safety and health of our passengers, Timi’s Tours may choose to refuse to accept or retain a passenger who exhibits symptoms of illness, including but not limited to flu-like symptoms, before or during a tour. Timi’s Tours will follow federal guidelines for the isolation of passengers, if necessary.
    Also, in the interest of our passenger’s health, please know that all of our motorcoaches are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants and cleaners prior to each trip’s departure. All drivers are instructed to wipe down “High Touch” surfaces in coaches throughout the day and also to conduct a deeper cleaning of the motorcoaches each evening.


  • Smoking: 

    Federal Law prohibits smoking aboard the motorcoach.  When we are traveling by motor coach, we will make rest stops every two to three hours for your convenience.


  • Occupancy & Seating: 

    Passengers booking a single room, for a multiple day trip, will NOT be guaranteed two seats on the motorcoach. Someone may sit next to you. Occupancy rates only apply to your room and do not grant you two seats on the motorcoach or other transportation that may be used for your trip. If you would like two seats for one person, please notify us and we will let you know if there is an option to purchase a second seat on the motorcoach. Guests booking a trip as double occupancy MUST notify us if they have a need for either one or two beds at the time they book their trip. If you do not notify us, you will be assigned an available room layout automatically.  Any guest regardless of occupancy must notify us of a specific room accommodation you desire at the time of booking and those accommodations, if available, may result in extra charges for the guest to be added to the total of their trip.


  • Attire & Shoes: 

    Appropriate clothes and shoes must be worn when attending lunch/dinner theater shows, and at any other venue. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes for all of our tours. Pack options for changes in weather.


  • Families: 

    Minimum age for passengers on Timi's Tours is five (5) years of age and any one 18 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult.


  • Pets & Service Animals: 

    The company complies with all laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Pets of any kind that are not service animals are not permitted. Please contact the company prior to departure should you have any questions or need to travel with a service animal.


  • Photography/Videography: 

    By traveling with the company, you give full permission for any photos or videos taken by us during a trip to be used and/or published for any purpose across our brands, including but not limited to print or advertising mediums, on websites, or on social media platforms. Any person wishing not to be included in photos/videos must alert the tour director on their trip.


  • Refrigerated Medications: 

    If you, the passenger, require refrigerated or cooled medication, it is your responsibility to acquire the appropriate means of cooling. Some, but not all, hotel facilities have a refrigerator.


  • Included Meals: 

    When a trip description lists meals as being included, there is no guarantee as to the type of dining establishment or food selection, unless we specifically name the restaurant and/or meal. These meals are still subject to change due to factors beyond our control such as menu availability at the restaurant. Likewise, when breakfast is included in a trip, it is a hotel breakfast, unless otherwise described. If breakfast is included at the hotel, the selection and other factors are beyond our control. Sometimes, often on day trips, we make a stop where one or more fast food establishments are located, and you may choose where and what you would like to eat at your own cost. 


  • Independence: 

    Timi's Tours cannot be responsible for attending to the needs of travelers who are not capable of caring for their needs independently.


  • Alcohol: 

    When traveling with Timi's Tours, guests who choose to drink agree to do so responsibly, and not disturb other guests. Failure to adhere to this is a breach of this policy, and could result in being removed from the trip at the guest's expense and it will be their responsibility to make new arrangements.

Travel Protection

Timi's Tours offers Travel Protection through Trip Mate. The Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver is available if Travel Protection is purchased at the same time you make your Timi's Tours deposit (or within 15 days). For important details & disclosures, visit  Trip Mate I Plan Documents. The cost of your plan is for the entire plan, which consists of both insurance and non-insurance components. Individuals looking to obtain additional information regarding the features and pricing of each travel plan component, please contact Trip Mate, a Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services brand, 880 SW 145th Avenue #400 Pembroke Pines, FL 33027; 1-833-297-2258; We are licensed in all states. While Trip Mate markets the travel insurance in these plans on behalf of USF, non-insurance components of the plans were added to the plans by Trip Mate, and Trip Mate does not receive compensation from USF for providing the non-insurance components of the plans.

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