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Alaska by Land, Rail, & Sea

July 7th-17th, 2018

This is THE trip like none other. Explore America's Last Frontier with us!

Limited Time Offer from Timi's Tours!

Join us at The Fox Theatre in St. Louis for "The Bodyguard" (10/7), "On Your Feet" (11/11), "The King and I" (12/2), "School of Rock" (1/20/18), "The Color Purple" (3/24/18), and "Hamilton" (5/7/18), and save $215 when you purchase all six trips!

We are the only group this season at The Fox to offer center orchestra seating! Call us today!

Canadian Maritime Tour

September 2nd-14th, 2017

Includes 18 meals!

Texas Tour

March 13th-21st, 2018

Join us in San Antonio, Waco, & Pawhuska! We'll visit the

Magnolia Market at The Silos!

  •    Have a day to getaway? Join Us!
  • The La Bamba Show (9/19)        $119pp
  • "The Bodyguard" (10/7)             $209pp
  • Oktoberfest (10/23)                    $119pp
  • "On Your Feet" (11/11)               $209pp

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