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​​For only $99, you will enjoy luxury motorcoach transportation and admission to the aquarium.

At your own cost, Union Station has 4 choices to

choose from for lunch at your leisure, as well as a carousel and observation wheel, should you choose to take these attractions for a spin!

St. Louis Aquarium

June 30th, 2020

A new attraction in St. Louis!

"The history of St. Louis Union Station provides a rich background for any story.  As the first full scale Aquarium in St. Louis dedicated to connecting all people with aquatic life, we have an opportunity to build an inspired community that protects water and the life it sustains. . .

The St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station is an immersive and engaging experience offering unique perspectives of our underwater world. . .

From the local streams and rivers to the depths of the oceans, take a journey with us and explore the hidden treasures of the Missouri and Mississippi waterways, appreciate the 'monsters' of our global rivers and delight in the stealth and grace of our oceans’ greatest predators."