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Pricing & Payment Plan

Your trip includes luxury motorcoach transportation, the Spirit of Peoria transportation,

onboard entertainment, as well as lodging

and a show at Starved Rock Lodge!

Five meals are also included!

Day 1: Breakfast, luncheon,

and a hot dinner on the boat

Day 2: Breakfast and a Buffet lunch

at Starved Rock Lodge

(2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner) 

Spirit of Peoria Riverboat &

Oktoberfest at

Starved Rock Lodge 

October 5th-6th, 2020 
What do you get when you mix one part history and one part scenery with some great food, music, relaxation, and adventure? You get a wonderful overnight getaway on the Spirit of Peoria Riverboat!

Step back in time aboard the Midwest’s most unique and historic riverboat as it travels the Illinois River valley between Peoria and Starved Rock State Park. The Spirit of Peoria is a full-blown replica of the nineteenth century riverboats that inhabited the nation’s waterways. Decorated in the “wedding cake” style, the Spirit mirrors a Mark Twain era riverboat, complete with an enormous 21-foot diameter paddle wheel, which believe it or not, is the only source of propulsion!

Starved Rock Lodge Excursions prove the saying that “Getting there is half the fun.” Embark on a journey north from Peoria to Starved Rock State Park in Utica, Illinois. This excursion features a day of cruising along with an overnight at the historic Starved Rock Lodge. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the lodge offers rustic charm with modern conveniences.

As the Spirit of Peoria gets underway, at the leisurely pace of 7 mph, the whistling notes of the calliope fill the air and drift through the valley. Using a delightful mix of riverlore and historical facts, the history of the river comes alive through stories and songs from the riverboat’s very own riverlorian.

In these times of jet airplanes and super trains, the Spirit of Peoria offers a more classic and somewhat classier, alternative. If you’re ready to put relaxation back in your vacation, consider Starved Rock and a trip on an amazing riverboat. It may just be what you’re looking for!

We'll check into the beautiful Starved Rock Lodge, our home for the night. The next morning, we'll have breakfast and enjoy some morning free time to explore the grounds.

After a buffet lunch, it's time for a world class Oktoberfest experience! Music, delicious food, and Bavarian culture abound. 

 After all of that fun, we'll board a luxury motorcoach to journey home.

Please join us for a two-day trip that's packed with so much you'll likely feel as if you were treated to a much longer getaway!