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PLEASE NOTE: This trip is presented by Timi's Tours working with Avalon Waterways, and has additional policies above and beyond our normal policy. More information will be available in the finalized trip brochure, coming soon!

Luggage fees charged by airlines are NOT included in the price of this trip and may vary based on airline policies, fees, restrictions, etc. The price of these luggage fees are the sole responsibility of each guest and are not determined by Timi's Tours.

Romantic Rhine River Cruise

August 2023

Dates, Full Itinerary, and Prices Coming Soon!

Passport Required

One of Europe's most legendary rivers awaits you on this exciting journey, presented by Timi's Tours with Avalon Waterways!

This amazing trip will include stops in Switzerland, France, Germany, and Holland,

and offer a host of excursion options for you to choose from along the way!

While our final itinerary is currently pending, here's just a taste of what you can look forward to on this trip of a lifetime:

*Basel, Switzerland
*Breisach, Germany
*Guided tour of the Black Forest
*Vogtsbauernohf open-air-museum
*Winery in Breisach
*Village of Colmar
*Bike tour of Strasbourg, France
*Strasbourg’s Gothic, stained-glass cathedral
*La Petite France District
*Maginot Line
*The Wine Country of Alsace, France
*Hike Philosopher’s Way in Mainz, Germany
*Heidelberg Castle
*Gutenberg Museum
*Vineyards of Rüdesheim
*Mechanical Music Museum
*Cruise through the Rhine Gorge to Koblenz
*Walking tour of Cologne, Germany’s important Jewish heritage sites
*Amsterdam, Holland Guided Canal Cruise

*List is subject to change. Also, please note that each guest will have excursion options to choose from, rather than able to enjoy each activity listed (i.e. one may need to choose between a bike ride, a museum trip, OR a winery visit at a particular destination).