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Moonshine & Casey, Illinois

May 17th, 2022

Join us for a really fun day trip! We’ll go to Moonshine, IL, population 2!
“Roy Lee and Helen Tuttle bought the old-time (circa 1912) country  store in 1982 and promptly made it the best eating house in town - heck, it's the only building in town, unless you count the outhouse - and you had better count it..,Aside from cold cut deli-style sandwiches, drinks and snacks, Moonshine is the home of the world-famous Moonburger. You can get a double beef cheese Moonburger, you can get a bacon Moonburger, shoot, you can get a Moonburger just about any old way y'all want it.”
We’ll also visit Casey, IL, a charming small town with shops and a few amazing photo opportunities. You see, Casey is home to The World’s Largest Windchime, The World’s Largest Golf Tee, and World's Largest Knitting Needles & Crochet Hook. These are awesome and unique….and we invite you to join us for only
$89 per person with lunch included!