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Look Before You Book

Look Before You Book

All Equipment and Drivers at Timi’s Tours are in full compliance with applicable safety, insurance, and regulatory issues. Timi’s Tours takes your safety very seriously, and carries double the amount of insurance required by Federal Law. 

When you hire a Commercial Passenger Vehicle, ensure that the company operating it has the proper Federal or State Authority to operate the vehicle that you are chartering. By chartering from a company with proper authority, you know the vehicle is properly licensed, insured, and inspected. Vehicles without these important safeguards can have dangerous safety defects, which can be deadly!


All drivers of carriers with proper authority must meet rigorous safety rules before they can serve you. These rules include (but are not limited to):

  • Possessing a Valid Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement for vehicles over 16 passengers.
  • Subject to Drug and Alcohol Testing, both pre-employment and continually during employment.
  • Must hold a valid Medical Card, which evaluates the operator for potential health concerns
  • Limit to the number of hours they can drive or be on duty.