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When you travel with Timi's Tours, 

don't forget to use your free 

Timi's Tours Rewards Card! 

For every day you travel with us, you get 

one stamp on your card. Once you have 10 stamps, you can redeem your card for 

$25 Off A Trip of $89 or More!*

For example, you can get one stamp for 

each day trip you take or 

10 stamps for a 10 day trip. 

*Rules & Restrictions Apply, 

See our policy for more details.

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Timi’s Tours Poem, All Rights Reserved

There once was a day
That I longed to get away
I saw an ad for Timi’s Tours
And I knew that would be the cure!
I called their office and my adventure began
Before I knew it, I’d met the bus driver man! 

On a luxury motorcoach, off we went
And to my wallet, it barely made a dent!
My dollar couldn’t go further, oh the value!
When I heard of the new trips, I yelled “Wahoo!”

Since then, I’ve traveled with Timi
Across the country, destinations so many!
From New York, Hawaii, and even Alaska
She always does something extra!

And, I must allude,
I have savored amazing food!
I’ve seen the best shows
And the most beautiful places
And what do you know?
I’ve met several new friendly faces!

If you were to ask me who I recommend
I’d tell you about my friend!
Thank goodness for Timi’s Tours
Without them,  the winter I couldn’t endure!
Want to fill yourself with glee?
Call Central Illinois’ Premier Travel Company!