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Enjoy a day with Timi's Tours at the delightful Fair Oaks Farms!
"Fair Oaks Farms is an escape to the country with acres of great outdoor fun, food and learning where you can explore family farms and reconnect with nature, animals and our planet. We are not only committed to educating the public about modern farming efforts, but also to protecting the environment, caring for our animals and ensuring the highest quality products possible."

"Fair Oaks Farms brings Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to a whole new light. Our entire facility runs on cow & pig manure. We transform our farms' waste into energy by way of our anaerobic digesters, we reduce our dependency upon natural gas and electricity during the milk and manufacturing process. This year the use of CNG will reduce the amount of diesel that our milk tanker/trailers use by 2 million gallons. Our barns and plants are also powered by this cutting edge 'poo power'.

Bring your children and grandchildren! Ages 5 and older are welcome to join us!

Price: $129 Per Person

Your trip includes a Farmhouse Buffet in the Feed Barn, admission to the Dairy Adventure, Pig Adventure, and

Crop Adventure, as well as luxury motorcoach transportation.

Fair Oaks Farms

June 5th, 2019